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BravoVax is committed to consistently manufacturing high quality, safe and efficacious human vaccines adhering to the applicable quality regulations, codes and standards. BravoVax is dedicated to fulfill the unmet vaccine requirements of the society at affordable cost and to assist the governmental and NGOs in this noble mission. Quality policy in BravoVax is well documented, communicated and applied.

☆Maintain a quality-focused culture to ensure that highest priority is placed on the safety, efficacy and reliability of our products to meet regulatory requirements.

☆Customer satisfaction and complaint solutions.

☆Enhance staff qualifications and resources to match with the high level of standard requirements. 

☆QMS operation conformance and its continual improvement.

☆Continuously expand our range of products to meet the unmet needs of customers.

☆Become an efficient partner to the international agencies for the supply of quality vaccines in the shortest possible time.