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  • 2022

    ★ Gazelle Enterprises (Top 10 High-tech Enterprises )

    ★ 3551 Optics Valley Talent Programme

    ★Innovative small and medium-sized enterprises

    ★Inhaled COVID-19 vaccine: received clinical approval in Singapore

    ★PCV13 vaccine: initiated PhI Clinical Trail

    ★To lead the National Key R&D Plan--Research on Etiology and Epidemic Prevention Technology System

  • 2021

    ★Future Star TOP100 of Wuhan in 2021

    ★ “Gazelle Enterprise”2021

    ★ Inhaled COVID-19 vaccine: received clinical approval in Brazil

  • 2020

    ★ National Rising Star of 2020

    ★"Gazelle Enterprise" 2020

    ★Top 10 Venture Capital Favorite Gazelle Enterprises

    ★Council member of China Association of Vaccines (CAV)

    ★Award for High-Growth of TOP20 and Rising Star of 2020

    ★Engineering Laboratory in Hubei Province

  • 2019

    ★ “ Innovative Talent” of the 12th “3551 Optics Valley Talent programme” 

    ★The 2nd “ State Level High-tech Enterprise of 2019”

    ★High-tech Enterprise

    ★ "Gazelle Enterprise" 2019

    ★National Technology Enterprise

    ★Awarded subsidies from the 2nd  " 1k Enterprises and 10k Talents Plan"

    ★Hubei Enterprise Technology Center

  • 2018

    ★The 11th  “3551 Optics Valley Talent Programme”

    ★ "Gazelle Enterprise" 2018

    ★National Innovation Business Good Faith Demonstration unit 

    ★Equity Financing Contribution Award of Wuhan Biolake in 2017

    ★National Technology Enterprise

    ★China AAA Grade Credit Enterprise

  • 2017

    ★ "Gazelle Enterprise" 2017

    ★The 1st  " 1k Enterprises and 10k Talents Plan" of Wuhan

    ★The team of provincial “ entrepreneurship and innovation strategy” in 2016

  • 2016

    ★ High-tech Enterprise

    ★Gazelle Enterprises of 2016

    ★The team of “ Entrepreneurship and Innovation Strategy” in 2015 by Hubei Provincial Government

    ★Provincial-advanced unit of Bio-safety Laboratory Management in the system

    ★“Enterprise Technology Center” by Hubei Provincial Government

    ★The 9th “ 3551 Optics Valley Talent Programme”

    ★The 2nd “City Partners” of Wuhan 
  • 2015

    ★ Member of DCVMN

    ★The title “ Enterprise Innovation Talent” of the 8th  “ 3551 Optics Valley Talent Programme” 

    ★Council member of Hubei Provincial Biochemical Innovation Network

  • 2014

    ★Provincial-level Bio-safety Laboratory

    ★Hubei Provincial Key Laboratory for New Vaccine and Recombinant Protein