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    Regarding employees as the most valuable assets, we intend to recruit talents with great virtues, abilities and potential to make progress together. It is our hope that each and every employee will get proper development at BravoVax!
  • Talent Philosophy

     “People” are always deemed as the most important element in our management. Employees, who work hard and dedicate to our company will grow with us and are offered with competitive compensation, superior training program (a specifically assigned mentor will be arranged for every new employee), international work environment (bilingual environment and system), and rich cultural life (yoga class, English/Chinese lectures, and activities such as photography / essay competition / group tour, etc). Employees will get a sense of satisfaction and comfort working at BravoVax.

  • Integrity comes first

    When it comes to recruiting employees, we care about integrity the most while ability is the second factor to be considered.

  • Dedication being the Priority

    Dedication is a must for all employees. We require our staff to be highly responsible, initiative and strive for brilliance. A dedicated employee should also be interactive and could blend seamlessly into our culture.

  • Teamwork takes Precedence

    Many a little makes a mickle. When we are in a team, we can develop and grow up along with the team. BravoVax is like a sailing ship on voyage, on which each of us shall stay together and work closely to reach the shore of success.