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Wuhan BravoVax Co., Ltd

Wuhan BravoVax  Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wuhan BravoVax), founded in 2012, is a "national high-tech enterprise" specializing in the R & D, manufacturing and marketing of high-end human vaccines. It has won the "Hubei new vaccine and recombinant protein engineering laboratory", "Hubei enterprise technology center", "Hubei biosafety laboratory" "Wuhan gazelle enterprise" and other qualifications or honors. It is a member of the vaccine enterprise alliance of developing countries (DCVMN). The company is committed to developing and commercialization of heavy products such as multivalent rotavirus vaccine, new pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, recombinant New Coronavirus vaccine, broad spectrum HPV vaccine, recombinant herpes zoster vaccine, and strives to provide vaccine products for China and the world in accordance with the international vaccine product industry regulation requirements.

BravoVax Co., Ltd (BravoVax) is a "state level high-tech enterprise" established in the year 2012 and is specialized in the R&D, manufacturing and marketing of high quality human vaccines. In the span of six years, BravoVax has been awarded with various qualification and honors such as “Hubei Provincial Key Laboratory for New Vaccine and Recombinant Protein”, “Hubei Provincial Enterprise Technology Center”,"Provincial-level Bio-safety Laboratory”, "Gazelle Enterprise of Wuhan City” (an honor awarded to fast-growth hi-tech companies with bright prospect). BravoVax is also one of active members in Developing Country Vaccine Manufacturers Network (DCVMN) to provide the quality vaccines against infectious diseases. BravoVax is committed to the development, manufacturing and supply of human multivalent rotavirus vaccine and pneumococcal conjugate vaccine and strives to provide safe, effective and high quality vaccines for domestic and international markets.


At present the company’s strength is its dedicated 130+ employees, making up a team with immense experience on scientific research and industrialization of quality vaccine. 85% of the employees are holding Bachelor’s degree and more than 50% of them have Master’s degree, Doctoral degree or certificate of Senior Professional. The core team members have been awarded the title “Strategic Entrepreneurial Team of Hubei Province” and have high standards of technical experience and vast practical knowledge.


The BravoVax management and technology members are from reputed National and International organizations such as China National Biotech Group, Hualan Biological Engineering, Shanghai Zerun Biotechnology, Covance, SANOFI Pasteur, Panacea and Serum Institute and are having high-end skills in various areas like research and development, manufacturing, quality management, marketing, procurement & logistics, registration and intellectual property etc. The company’s “Dream team" members have more than 20 years of biopharmaceutical industrial experience on average, and have successfully triumphed various national and international GMP audits, led or participated in nearly hundred biomedical projects and acquired over 400 national and international patents. In addition, expatriate international technical team members maintain the multicultural character of the company and support in enrichment of company's energy, vision and culture.


BravoVax has five high-end technology platforms, namely bacterial fermentation, cell and virus culture, purification, formulation & quality control and  are equipped with a good number of advanced instruments (like Biacore, volumetric Bioreactor, Micro-array Bioreactor, Capillary electrophoresis apparatus, Particle size analyzer, Fluorescent quantitative PCR etc). The company also has pilot production lines, which meet the R&D and manufacturing needs of high-end human vaccines and recombinant proteins. The company has established the quality system following the cGMP pertains to key regulatory bodies like CFDA, EMA and WHO. It has key and advanced technologies in product development of Virus-like particle (VLP) preparation, polysaccharide-protein conjugation and live virus gene carrier technology along with suitable platform for large-scale cell, viral or bacterial production.


Currently a range of new vaccines are being developed as per international standards at BravoVax. Accelerating industrialization of these projects will ensure a strong competitiveness for BravoVax in domestic and international markets. At the same time, the company is committed to improving the domestic vaccine research, development and bulk production in line with international standards. These levels of commitment, plan and execution actions of BravoVax are all in accordance to “National strategic development plan for biopharmaceutical industries”.


BravoVax is promoting its achievements in new vaccines globally, including Asian, European and Latin American governments and also discussing and working with international companies on technology transfer of new vaccine developments. BravoVax is not only limiting itself to domestic market, but also ready to serve to international markets in cooperation with global organizations such as DCVMN, World Health Organization (WHO), Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) and United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF), as well as in collaboration with other national governments for the outsourcing of vaccines. BravoVax would carry out overseas registration and global sales for the developed vaccines in accordance to the national policies and regulatory requirements on imported vaccines and eventually provide safe, effective and affordable vaccines especially to developing countries. 


The commercialization of in-house developed new vaccines will fulfill the gaps for the domestic demand of such vaccines, and directly provide around 1000 new high-end biopharmaceutical jobs. It is also expected to enhance the local GDP by 30-50 billion RMB. In realization of company’s grand blue print currently, it is actively working on the construction of its manufacturing facility.


BravoVax believes that the completion of manufacturing facility and its extensive operations will make the company one of the high-end vaccines manufacturers and suppliers which provide high-quality vaccines as per international standards for people’s health. While achieving good economic and social benefits for itself, the company will also make immense contributions to the development of local economy and technology by promoting the technology-driven employment, domestic demand, taxation and GDP.