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Our R&D center and pilot production base are built for novel vaccines in accordance with GMP (2010). Our QC and R&D labs are equipped with numbers of high-end instruments, including fluorescent quantitative PCR, fluorescence microscope, micro-array bioreactor, AKTA chromatography system, HPLC, auto ELISA and kjeldahl apparatus.








The equipment for pilot production facility includes volumetric bioreactor, lyophilizer, high speed / ultracentrifuge, ultrafiltration system, ion-exchange column chromatography system, aseptic isolation system, and filling lines which can be used for various dosage forms. These facilities meet the current industrialization requirements of lyophilized rotavirus vaccine and others in the pipeline. 






In June, 2014, we initiated the cooperation with Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Science and College of Life Science at Wuhan University to jointly  apply to Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission for establishment of “Hubei Provincial Engineering Laboratory for Novel Vaccines and Recombinant Protein”. In August, 2014, we passed the audit of local health administration department, and got the certificate of “Provincial-level Biosafety Laboratory”.




Till date, we have invested tens of million RMB to set up 4 technology sub-platforms which involve 2 pilot production lines. Furthermore, we are planning to construct China’s first high-end manufacturing base for human vaccines in compliance with US FDA and cGMP of EU in China.