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BravoVax dedicates in biotech industry, especially in vaccine business. We will develop and market new types of human-use vaccines(Bacterial vaccine/Virus vaccine/Recombinant vaccine/Novel adjuvant for vaccine) to meet the demand of increasing life quality and fight against emerging infectious diseases. Other diagnostics and therapeutic macro-molecules, e.g. MAbs, fusion proteins, etc., are also in the realm of BravoVax’s interests.
Our strategy is to collaborate with the global health community on the development of vaccines to address unmet healthcare needs.
Area of interest for collaboration:

Vaccine targeting diseases responsible for high rates of mortality and morbidity in developing countries.

Technologies improving the vaccine accessibility and affordability in developing world settings.

Therapeutic biological that targeting diseases with high social and economical burdens in both established and emerging markets.

Our Strength:

China-based biopharmaceutical manufacturing bases.

Track-record of successful biologics development.

Lower cost manufacturing but compliance with international quality standards.

Wide experience with national and global partnership for co-development and technological transfer.